Saturday, December 10, 2011

Top 10 (2011)

Espresso Adventures has had a very good year being able to travel outside of Toronto and immerse myself within the coffee haus of the world.

Having started this desire to see life through the lens of good coffee, my travels are now centred around visiting top establishments or well-known cities/towns/villages that have a rich history in Coffee.

Long gone are the days I desire to be sitting beach side (well, half truth). Now I say that we break-free from the confines of our imagination and start exploring.

TOP 10 LIST for 2011 is about to be published!

Keep it locked, as you'll be seeing the entire list unveiled for the rest of December.

Those that were included in this list is quite subjective, and only had to meet the requirement of my 5 minute brainstorm of cafes that popped in my head - most memorable.

From that short list - 10 cafes were chosen based on atmosphere, music, and the top concern: espresso.


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