Thursday, December 29, 2011

3: Manic Coffee

3. Manic Coffee (and Gelato) - Intelligentsia Black Cat

Manic hits the critical peak of Top 3.
Recently renovated with a new kitchen, gelato display case and a rearrangement of the bar with the prospects of 2 CLOVER Machines, brings me joy and a smile to my face.
As many readers know - I used to frequent this establishment much more in the past due to location, and work purposes. In my less frequent patronage - I dedicated a section of my ritual.....
M^4: Monday Morning Manic Muffins... Seriously I will travel for these scrumptious goodies.

Having kept it's location as wi-fi free really allows the customers to focus on less on squatting (although you can still find regulars that will park themselves for hours -- hand up really high)

Now comes a new chapter:

Fresh, made daily on-site and just pure ingredients.
As you can tell from the photo, I wasn't quite sure what I should taste, so I ate them all.
Let's just say - the flavours were so PRESENT that if it wasn't for the cold temperature and texture, I could swear I was eating the real deal.
Manic will have the whole of winter to perfect their master recipes, but this is a winner for the WARMER months.

Not to be outdone, but MANIC is pushing out amazing TEA selection... Brewed to parameters to bring out the quality of the leaves and flavour profile that is an everlasting experience

Kudos to Matt and his quest to push for quality.

Top 10 (2011) List:

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