Friday, December 23, 2011

5: Sam James Coffee Pocket

5. Sam James Coffee Pocket - Toi et Moi Cafe

Sam James has a massive following, is neighbourhood centric and believes in a no-nonsense way of approaching coffee.

Coffee Pocket makes the list because of the tight space and gets straight to the point. They're about preparing you the best espresso based drink.
No seats, washroom or any of those extras... Let's focus on espresso (for here - in cups) and the limited menu means -- straight up goods!
Love the space, reminds me of NYC.

Currently with 2 shops, (Sam James Coffee Bar and Sam James Coffee Pocket) with another in the pipeline- in the PATH. I'm giving my props to Sam and his efficient shops.

Precisely pulled shots, and rich caramel flavour, it's worth the walk, it's worth the trek, and I think the PATH will be all over the next chapter.


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