Saturday, December 31, 2011

1: Mercury Espresso

 1. Mercury Espresso - GH/Mad Cap

Top location of the year goes to Mercury Espresso Bar.

Situated in Leslieville (yes, my neighbourhood) but focusing on pulling the best shot you'll ever have within the city, it wasn't a tough choice to include them in this list. What separated Mercury from all the rest was their willingness to try exceptional single-origins and many different brew methods, from Chemex to Cold brew pops.
Recently switching exclusively to George Howell Terroir Coffee company made all the coffee enthusiasts gleam with joy. Bringing BOSTON that much closer and giving us the opportunity to praise the roasters....

No small feat to have this superstar roaster, but if it wasn't for the constant education and willingness to push boundaries of conventional parameters we wouldn't be tasting the magic that is Single Origin craze.

Staffing at Mercury is top notch, I rarely have an off-shot, but there have been times, as we all can vouch as it's not entirely prefect, but 99% of the time it's magical moments for my taste bud.

Recently joining the rotation is Mad Cap - another roaster from the states that do coffee well - this is not to say that our local roasters are not living up to these two, but it's refreshing to have both of these companies under the same roof.

Last day you'll be seeing Matthew Taylor (one half of the Mercury Team).

Espresso Adventure wishes him well travels as he moves away from Toronto. The Coffee scene, the neighbourhood, the customers will all miss you.

If you are in the City come by Mercury and wish him happy travels as the all-star team of Neil, Ben and Matt will be gracing the bar.

Plus you can come and celebrate by drinking this amazing KENYAN coffee from George Howell.

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  1. Enjoyed the list and agree with all the choices, maybe rearranging a few around; however, I agree with the Mercury choice as they have really improved during the last year. One of my favourite places these days.