Wednesday, December 14, 2011

9: Crema Coffee

9. Crema Coffee (49th Epic Espresso)

This year Crema opened up two new establishments.
Danforth edition, and the much anticipated 4th location Downtown. Crema @ Richmond and Spadina.

Now how do you distingush between the different location?
2 are located with Freshii, a great partnership and an ability to expand within that franchise... it's only going to grow.
The original: in the Junction is the local hot spot.
The Danforth edition! East v. West divide, different cultures with Toronto means that the inviting pockets of neighbourhood will start to play a more prominient role as we head into 2012 for this local chain.

As an avid east-ender, I'm really glad that they took over the Sweet Tooth shop, an established cafe was much needed!
TOP place in Toronto to get West Coast 49th Parallel.

How do you feel about Crema?!
Synesso..... WHAT!!!!

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