Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Featured Espresso: Mamuto North Italian Roast

Spotted: Mercury Espresso Bar (915 Queen Street East)
Hours: M-F 6:30 am - 8pm
           Sat 7:30am - 8pm
           Sun 8am - 8pm
Featured: Mamuto North Italian Style Espresso Roast
                (Single Origin -Mamuto, Kirinyaga, Kenya)
Roaster: George Howell's Terroir Coffee
Located: Acton, Mass.

Pulling until they run out, than they'll showcase the Matalapa

Verdict: Rich brightness, with delicious fruitiness that coats your entire tongue. Sweet citrus notes (juicy) to round out the acidity. Flavours develop as you continue with your double espresso.

We've opted to offer the new crop of Mamuto as an espresso roast!

Tasting Notes:
Bright blackberry and sweet citrus notes embedded in caramel.

Long a favorite of our customers and staff, Mamuto has held a heralded place in our hearts here at GHCC. When we first cupped this farm, in 2005, we were simply blown away by the sumptuous body, blackberry and black currant aromatics, with a hint of sweet tomato.

Taking inspiration from their family, Walter Paul Mathagu, the farm's owner, explained to me, he and his wife named the farm by combining the first two letters from three words: his name, Mathagu, as the father; Muthoni, his wife's maiden name, as mother; and toto, meaning child or children in Swahili: thus Mamuto. Mr. and Mrs. Mathagu have six children - three boys, three girls
Farmer: Walter Paul and Muthoni Mathagu
Region: Kirinyaga
Altitude: 5,000 ft.
Rainfall: Low to moderate+
Soil: Volcanic loam
Arabica variety: Bourbon Sl 28 and SL 34
Size of Farm: 21 acres total; 13 acres of coffee
Roast: Full Flavor

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