Monday, December 13, 2010

Balzac's (Distillery District)

Balzac's Coffee
Address: 55 Mill Street (Building 60)
Neighbourhood: Distillery District

Nestled in the eastern pocket of downtown Toronto, in the former Gooderham and Worts Distillery, a National Historic Landmark, comes the second location of Balzac's Coffee. Taking refuge in the old Pump building (established in 1895) the building known as #60 has been transformed into a two-storey high ceiling, open space cafe.

Having their original location in Stratford, Ontario - they've now expanded to a 5 cafe local chain within Ontario. They do their own roasting with a 12kg micro-roaster, and blend there own espresso of 5+ different origins.

The Cafe itself has high ceilings and gorgeous chandeliers, with a long staircase leading up to an upstairs nook where there are couches, lounge chairs and more circular tables.

The Main floor has a lot of small table enough for 4, with their signature wicker type chairs. During the warmer months the marble tables are placed outdoors for a great courtyard experience, to do Toronto's favourite past time: people watch.

This was not my first trip, but decided to actually do a proper review for the site.
Machine:Elektra K-21S WTS (2 Group)
Doser: unknown
Turnover: Moderate traffic (sit in and take-out)
Seasonal fluctuations - definitely busier on  the weekends
Beans: FTO Espresso Blend (Fair Trade Organic)
Music Chill, Indie, Jazz 

Verdict: At first the cup had a great aroma of sweet floral and cocoa, but as I stirred the espresso that sweet smell turned acidic. Upon first sip, the acid overpowered any subtle hints of chocolate. No character, little body, and didn't taste good.
When Paired with this Date sqaure -- the treat won over the espresso.

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  1. I see not much has changed since I visited 2 years ago... Rememberable only as a place to avoid, despite the architecture: