Sunday, December 26, 2010

Featured Espresso: Alchemy

New Espresso Blend?
Beans: Alchemy Espresso Blend
Regions: El Salvador, Brazil, Costa Rica

Roasters: Geogre Howell's Terrior Coffee
Where to find: Mercury Espresso Bar
                        (915 Queen Street East)
(DEC 10, 2010 - hopefully still there)

Technical: Pulled for 27 seconds at 197F

New Blend that GH/Terrior has come up with. The greatest piece of information they provide are the specifications that will optimize the shot. Geogre has a plethora of knowledge and is constantly improving the craft.!

Verdict: Smooth Chocolate Body! with hints of fresh Cirtus once it hits your tongue. Sweet aftertaste.

Look who else I spotted: Josh, (New member of Mercury team, ex-Crema)

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