Saturday, October 23, 2010

White Squrriel (Zombie Attackz)

On a lovely Saturday afternoon near Trinity Bellwoods, a park in the urban jungle, spring a cafe that is literally a whole in the wall with a small "upstairs" section. The seating arrangements consists of a T shaped table that seats 9 ppl comfortably and a bar wall that seats 6. Many of the patrons were on their laptops or chatting about the zombies in the park.

This shoppe has a lot of foot traffic capped off with a walk-up window situated on Queen West. They serve Espresso - own blend, local staples: Greg's Ice Cream and some sandwiches and pastries.

Drink: double Espresso
Cost: $2
Beans: White Squrriel - own blend
1/2 lbs. 8, Full lbs. 12.
Machine: double headed Elektra.
Dairy: Harmony organic

Verdict: Rich dark chocolate flavour with hints of something acidic.
Smell floral and tamed.

From the machine there was major crema at first, then a dark colour for the body formed leaving 1/4 inch of crema in the tall 3 oz. glass. High rotation of beans in the shop but there was a bit of something acidic on the back of the tongue that lingers.

At least the shop gives a great view of the east side of the park- it just so happened to be a zombie event today. A yearly events that brings its attendees up to Bloor Cinema for more fun!

Would I come back.... If I was in the area. But the constant foot traffic and spatial layout is more conducive to chatting than working. I'd choose Tampered Press up at Dundas across the park.

Upcoming posts: Review of my Top 10 - ib rebutal to Eye Weekly's post.
"innovation starts here..."

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