Thursday, October 14, 2010

Manic Coffee mid day break

Rainy day in Toronto, which sets up a great time to hang about at a cafe.
What better way than heading down to the local shop of Manic!
This establishment opened its door in 2007 to the crux between the Annex and Little Italy. Flagship location to enjoy the sweet espresso of Intelligenstia. The location is conducive to many local budding artists, musicians and small business folk. You will find the typical design people with their macbook pros, handful of writers and many that just come to enjoy the atmosphere.

The ambient light and slow rock- chill music make a great location away from home.

Todays beans: Black Cat espresso. From Chicago-based roasters Intelligenstia
Drink: dble 'spro
Verdict: Chris the barista pulls constant shots on their La Marrozo.
Taste: rich Sweet citrus/berry tones with powerful chocolate finish which whooshes in your mouth.

Overall: a hang-out is a must and the Berry Muffins are great too. Proper review of the muffin to come soon as I'm preparing for many backlogs in posts
"innovation starts here..."

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