Monday, October 25, 2010

Gingerbeard Espresso

 Featured Espressos are popping up in Toronto. Shoppes are not only carrying their regular espresso beans but something more exotic, flavourful or single-origin in presence. The name of the game is experimenting. Those that want to try new flavours will enjoy the concept as it opens up the possiblity of trying different origins or blends while still attending their home coffee stand.

Case in point is Crema Coffee Co. (photo insert: Bloor Street East Location), had some Gingerbread Espresso from Geogre Howell Terroir Coffee on Monday, as they posted on their FB site that they were doing Sunday at the Junction location and Monday Downtown! I made a special trip to get a taste of this bean

This was taken from their website:
Gingerbread Espresso - Geogre Howell Coffee

Gingerbread Espresso

93 Points Blind Assessment: Simple, sweet and rich in the aroma; caramel with a hint of flowers. In the small cup deep, balanced, complex: peach-toned fruit, dark chocolate, orangy citrus, continued floral top notes. The flowers and chocolate in particular persist into a long finish. Dense mouthfeel.
My Verdict: Spicy hints of chili, deep cinnamon taste and dark chocolate screaming in my mouth. I did feel a "dense" taste.

Everyone has their own signature bean such as Intelligenstia Black Cat Espresso, 49th Parallel Epic Espresso, Te Aro Big Bro, Detour Punch Buggy and the list goes on and on. On the flip side,  some like to vary from time to time as is the case at places such as Green Beanry or Merchants of Green Bean. Both location promote own roasting or have an on-site micro batch roaster to roast the green beans on the spot. 

My only problem with this constant rotation is there is no "Normal" espresso shot. This bothers me , as you never know what the product will be.... and you are always hoping it turns out great. IF it doesn't... then it's the bean - and do you really want to gamble on that?

Most of the beans are usually great with milk, but I am one of those that goes into a shop and just gets the double espresso, so if it's sometihng that sounds great -- awesome! but usually at Green Beanry I'm left underwhelmed by what they roasted for the day...

Question: Do you like to see your favourite shoes everyday, or do you mix and match and hope it works with your outfit? At the end of the day, it's person preference where you get your daily brew.

    Downtown Cafe with a bustling presence of traffic along Bloor. 
What better way to spend a Monday Afternoon


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