Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bloor West Village Gem

Here at the Espresso Adventures, we are on a current search for great espresso within Toronto, Canada

Location: Crema Coffee Co.
3079 Dundas Street West
(Dundas West and Quebec Ave)
Neighbourhood: The Junction
Tel: 416-767-3131
*Indie Coffee Passport= YES*
* The Disloyalty Card = YES*

Machine: TBD
Drink: double espresso
Bean: 49th Parallel - Epic Espresso

Verdict: rich chocolate with hints of floral sweetness.

Since 2008, Geoff and his team of highly trained baristas have made a name for themselves as the Cafe to go to in the Junction. Using the world renowned Vancouver beans gives it a selling point very similar to how Manic uses Intelligentsia. The amount of traffic in and out keeps the rotation of beans fresh and the turnover is high. Not only is the building beautiful, as its in an old bank building, but the open windows and the corner patio allows customers to really enjoy their drinks.

The huge selling point that was evident during our visit was the attention to details. They serves the double espresso shot with water- not sparkling... But at least there was a small amount of water to clear the palette of anything you were tasting. More of a discussion on that topic later.

Overall: Recommended by EA! Definitely worth the trip across town.
"innovation starts here..."

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