Friday, November 9, 2012

Questions we should be asking

Elections hang-over, CoffeeCupTO hang-over (which we too packed when I went, man it does not pay to give away your advance ticket....), end of week hang-over.

Some thoughtful questions to bombard your barsita.

It still feels off-putting when there is a high tendency for two outcomes.
1) They do not have time, because it's a busy cafe
2) They do not know the answers

It's also tough to scrutinize/ become knowledgeable when you aren't so familiar with the cafe/location. It comparable to asking your best friends questions versus acquaintances... the former is easier than the latter.

There might be other signs that you can use to determine the answer, but ultimately having a great rapport leads to more conversations. Isn't that what we are after.....

(Any thoughts on Peter G's article on perception, placebos, and psychology of the brain - in relation to drinking that cup of coffee -- Is knowledge blind your tastebuds....) Maybe this is why there are higher incidences of double blind cuppings...... or it's just a great test.

Happy Weekend, drink espresso, be merry, and give respect to our veterans!

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