Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Connecting people

Being able to talk and share our passions is what drives me to continue my personal quest in developing a fine tuned palate  It's the enjoyment of these flavours from coffee,  that drives me to keep testing, talking and "geek-ing" out.

Toronto is privvy to some amazing coffee roasters, shops and people who are genuinely happy to talk to you about the coffee they serve. One of these amazing people is Adam from Reunion Island.

Kudos on landing a great partnership with Sang Kim (currently working on the Restaurant(s) at 1 Baldwin Street. (more)

Another personal favourite is Fahrenheit Coffee (120 Lombard Street) (Jarvis and Adelaide)... it's their one-year celebrating in their current digs. Home of 2 Canadian Barista Championship finalists, and a bad-ass Della Corta... please go and visit, as all drinks are on the house, and tips go to Movember.

Exciting times as the holiday approaches, where more coffee connections will happen.

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