Friday, November 2, 2012

Conversation: Smdlr x Aida Battle

When there is an opportunity to chat with a coffee producer - we* take it.

There is this organic process which we thrive to attain.... knowing where all of our food originates, how's it's grown, handled and even treated.

Coffee is a fruit, and if coffee producers are placing more care into how it's grown, shouldn't we also maintain a relationship with that farmer... Direct-Trade.

Here is a snap shot of smdlr conversation with much adored Aida Battle in LA (last week) hosted by Handsome Coffee Roasters.

Happy Movember! I know that coffee shops and movember definitely go hand in hand.... referring to the facial hair, not necessarily the cause (but it's a fantastic one)

*we, refers to those that seek to grow within the coffee industry.


  1. Any cafes in Toronto serving one of her coffees?

  2. I know Stumptown has her coffee, and I'm not sure if LIT is carrying it right now. Otherwise, don't know of any Toronto cafe serving her coffee

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