Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Regional Comps coming up// Prizes // Coffee Kids

This weekend is the Prairie Regional Barsita competition at Fratello. July 14-15 in Calgary.

The Central Canadian Regional Barista competition is July 24-25 at Hart House in Toronto.
(CCBC is holding a contest to post up a photo and get the most "like" to win the SWAG contest).

Please help me to help Coffeekids.com by clicking on the link and "like" my photo.

The Prize is amazing, and if I WIN with your help, of "like" and SHARING the link I will be holding a contest to win the items within the swag package. (Shipping included)

AS an added bonus here is your chance to help drive donations for Coffeekids.com as the value of the swag package will be donated this deserving donation.

ACT now - Contest for :"like" the photo ends this Friday.

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