Friday, July 27, 2012

CCBC 2012 results

The 2012 Central Canadian barista competition was held earlier this week (Tuesday and Wednesday July 24-25) over at the historic hart house in the iconic Great Hall -- on university of toronto campus.

How fitting was the 2 day coffee expo and competition? It was a feverish excitement as CCBC has a new venue and the buzz within the crowd was infectious.

Only 2 of the last years top 6 performed but that it meant the new blood brought the revived energy to CCBC.

Here we're the top 6:
Place//Name//Association//Score//Coffee Used
1. Geoff Woodley Detour 621 Detour Coffee
2. Georgia Henry Dark Horse 597.5 Detour Coffee
3. Sameer Mohamed Fahrenheit 582  Te Aro
4. Brad Bauer Fahrenheit coffee 564.5  Te Aro
5. Brett Johnston Crafted coffee 556   Te Aro
6. Jesse Van dyke Grondin Rooster Coffeehouse 548.5  Te Aro

Congrats to all competitors.
Looks like only the top 4 proceed to Nationals in September.

Note: Geoff is now a 2-time CCBC winne
The top 2 competitors used Detour Coffee; the next 4 used Te Aro coffee

All of the Top 6 performed on Day 2 of the competition in a one-performance ONLY competition.

Thanks to the organizer for putting on a great event and raising more funds for charities/organization that impact the coffee community.

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