Friday, July 20, 2012

First Offical Espresso Adventure

Hi Readers,
I've mentioned to you about my Espresso Adventures, and realized that I've been quite selfish, never really inviting you guys.
Here is your chance to join me on my first offical Espresso Adventure (Coffee Crawl)
In conjunction with the Central Canadian Barista Comp/ Coffee Expo, I've partnered with good friend (Beanlink) to organize this impromtu "unofficial event."

The Basics:
Date: Wednesday July 25th
Time: 9AM
Start: Queen/Spadina
End: Hart House (UofT)

other details: Bring a Bike or $5/ CC to rent a Bixi. We are going to be mobile! (please be road safe)

click on the event page for more...
message me on twitter, or leave a comment below

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