Monday, April 23, 2012

USBC Crowned!

Heart Felt congratulations to Katie Carguilo of New York, from Counter Coffee Collective.
for her win at the US Barista Championship!!

She used two different washed Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee. (My favourite!)
Here are some write-ups:
NY Times - Mr. Oliver Strand
Sprudge - Chronological history of Kate
LA Weekly

Ever wonder how they're judged.. (scoresheets)
4 Sensory, 2 Tech judges. All eyes from the audience filled with your peers, and coffee enthuists from the LIVE stream.

Also competing in the Brewer's Cup:

Mr. Andy Sprenger becomes 2 time champion from newly rebranded Ceremony Coffee Roasters out of Annapolis, MA.

Such a great guy, so knowledgeable and humble, and really makes you feel lifted from the coffee experience. I Believe he used a Colombian coffee.

Up Next: Worlds!!!

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