Saturday, April 21, 2012

USBC 2012: Semi - Finals

click the link for full names of the 18 Semi-Finalist.

Here’s all 18 of your 2012 USBC finalists, in order of appearance for Semi-Finals Saturday.
All times PST:
1. 10:17 Trevor Corlett, MadCap Coffee Company, Grand Rapids, MI – @tjorlet @madcap
2. 10:36 Charles Babinski, Intelligenstia, Chicago - @charlesbabinski, @intelligentsia
3. 10:55 Katie Carguilo, Counter Culture Coffee, NYC – @katiecarguilo, @counter_culture
4. 11:14 Travis Beckett, Peregrine Espresso, DC – @peregrineDC, @juicegarden
5. 11:33 Devin Chapman, Coava Coffee, PDX – @devchap, @coavacoffee
6. 11:52 Lorenzo Perkins, Cuvee Coffee, Spicewood, Texas – @lorenzoperkins, @cuveecoffee
7. 12:11 Lem Butler, Counter Culture Coffee, Durham, NC – @sexyfoam, @counter_culture
8. 12:30 Chris Baca, Verve Coffee Roasters, Santa Cruz, CA – @trubaca, @vervecoffee
9. 12:49 Charlie Habegger, Intelligentsia, Chicago – @brainofcharlie, @intelligentsia
10. 1:18 Ryan Knapp, MadCap Coffee Company, Grand Rapids, MI – @knappMADcap, @madcap
11. 1:37 Tyler Stevens, Barista, PDX - @tyler_stevens
12. 1:56 Laila Ghambari, Stumptown Coffee, PDX – @lay_luh, @stumptowncoffee
13. 2:25 Lindsey Kiser, Peregrine Espresso, DC – @peregrinedc
14. 2:44 Robbie Britt, Espresso Parts, Morley, MO – @robbiebritt, @espressoparts_
15. 3:03 Jacque DesMarais, Kaldi’s Coffee, St. Louis, MO - @jacquedesmarais, @kaldis_coffee
16. 3:22 Jared Truby, Verve Coffee Roasters, Santa Cruz, CA – @jtrubaca, @vervecoffee
17. 3:41 Jordan Barber, Intelligentsia, NYC – @barber_jordan, @intelligentsia
18. 4:00 Courtney Marie Vaquera, MadCap Coffee Company, Grand Rapids, MI – @madcap

Loving this trend of the coffee community being on Twitter.

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