Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Etiquette... More to think about

So the grid has posted this interview with Deanna Zunde, from the 4 location chain: dark horse espresso bar.

She talks about etiquette in a cafe, when you should be re purchase a bevy, and why Internet abuse is not cool.


Do you agree?

Also hot issue: tipping

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  1. I always tip, I've been a barista and I know how it feels. Usually I tip $1.00 on average, sometimes 50 cents but more often its $1.00 I feel what a patron buys in relation to how much time he spends at the cafe is hard to dictate. Because I might buy more one day and less another day, especially if I'm a regular. I definitely - as a customer - wouldn't feel cool knowing that I'd HAVE to pay something every two hours or so.
    While the "cafe" is an extension of home or ones office, its still a public space and things done in private shouldn't enter that space.