Thursday, November 3, 2011

Randoms: Hanging in

Loyal readers!

Missing your regular posts - yeah, so am I.
Fulfulling your dreams is a constant thought running around my head.
Through Coffee - it's been easier to slow the down the anxious pace. A cornerstone in my inspiration that gives a sense of comfort.

I'm hanging on, there have been some capital projects that have been quite time-intensive chopping on Espresso Adventures time over the last 3 months. But all is well, it's exciting to see this economy flip-flop every day. Coffee futures have been crazy! New educational series, and many barista events have occurred - and yet there is this calming feeling every time I open up my *gasp* Macbook Pro.....

Yes I know, remember my observations of the MBP pose that congregate at "coffices" and start the buzz of entrepreneurial typing, designing with Illustrator, Rhino... etc.... I've fallen into this APPLE trap. Loving every second of it's platform, just need to grasp the shortcuts faster.

Be patient as I merge some ideas over different platforms - and launching new looks - doesn't bode well with my execution plan, but for now it'll have to do. I'm not settling, just keeping the engine warm for a VTech blast of speed. (no I am not a car expert)

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Even show some love through paypal =P.
Gearing up for American Thanksgiving... it'll be a fun ride!

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