Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Matalapa Love

Spotted: Mercury Espresso Bar
Roasters: Terrior/George Howell Coffee
Farm: Matalapa
Origin: La Libertad, El Salvador
Altitude: 4100 feet
Varietals: Pacas and Bourbon Peaberry (70/30)
Method: Washed

Winning the CoE in 2003, Matalapa keeps impressing us. Terroir (George Howell) has great partnerships with amazing farmers - and this is no exception to the rule.

Verdict: Licking your lips sweetness of tropical guava with buttery smoothness as it lingers on your tongue just makes EA go CRAZY!!!!

Gosh Mercury, you make Espresso Adventures want more!!
Plus, visit the shop for their amazing Movember 'stache...(photo tmr)

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