Saturday, November 12, 2011

Coffee cups + sets

Faithful readers!!!

Here's something I invite my readers to share with Espresso adventures!

Submit your coffee cups/mugs and brewing devices with comment and link below. Or email me:

The photo above is from loyal reader Alexia, who inspired me to share her love for coffee and colour.

Get those cameras/sketches/ smart phones out and capture your fav coffee set this weekend.

Happy Espresso Adventures

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  1. Have you ever experimented making a good cup of coffee from a coffee press? Making it with different coffee beans?

    I have been investing money in a good conical burr grinder, scales, etc. to make the best coffee press coffee and take it with me in a thermos.

    Once I will complete my setup I promise to take a photo and share it with you Cindy.

    - CoffeeGrind