Sunday, February 10, 2013

Featured coffee: Anjilanka, Bolivia

Spotted: Manic Coffee
Coffee: Anjilanka, Bolivia
Farmer: Juan Ticona / Ocho Estrellas
Region: Caranavi, Las Yungas
Harvested: Apr-Jun 2012.
Roaster: Intelligenstia
Location: Chicago, IL

Method: Clover!

Verdict: Great Balance of sweetness, and slight hints of acids. Really easy to drink

Definitely going to grab a bag.


  1. Interesting. They are still brewing in their Clover. You don't see that too much.

  2. They just got it fixed. But Manic is still using it, as is Creama (with 2 locations)

  3. Liked this coffee last year quite a bit ... will have to see if I get some more this year ...