Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Product review: Elieen Bodum French Press

I say this is a product review, but let's be frank: this is the industry standard , hand blown press that's been around the block with much prestige.

Can't really complain about durability: unless you decide to fling the water out of the press and smash the glassware. Case in point reason for acquiring a new press...

Design is all about your personal preference. With an eye for shiny things and modernist pattern... This will fit well on my shelf of coffee gadgets and toys.

Price point: 45 with taxes.
Reasonable... You pay for what you get. This is the industry standard and with proper care and attention it pays to invest.

This is not my favourite toy, but with a need to acquire more sleep, this will save me my precious snooze factor.

What's your fav equipment to date?

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