Friday, March 16, 2012

Featured Espresso: Gacokwe Burundi

Spotted: Mercury Espresso

Verdict: Orange zest explosion. Really juicy enough to punch your tongue awake.

Tasting Notes: Big flavor, orange and juicy 
Produced by Gacokwe Washing Station/Cooperative
Region: Kayanza
Varietals: Bourbon, Jackson, Mibirzi
Altitude: 1,650 masl
Processing: Washed and sun dried in raised beds
Harvested: May-August 2011

2012 marks our 3rd straight year buying from the Kayanza Region of Burundi.  Burundi is a small country located in the heart of Africa just south of Rwanda.  Coffee is the main export out of Burundi and sales of specialty grade coffee have skyrocketed over the past 5 years as a lot of efforts to produce better coffee have been put into the country and have helped change the face of the country.  

GacokweThe Gacokwe Cooperative works with 1700 small farmers offering incentives paid to the farmer for producing higher quality coffee.  The fermentation of this coffee combines elements of wet and dry fermentation with the use of clean mountain water.  The total fermentation can last up to 2 ½ days before being dried on raised patios.  We have fallen in love with the cup profile that we find in coffees from this area boasting a big flavor, full of aromatics, juicy, yet with spicy complexity.

(from MadCap Coffee website_)


(ppssssttt.... don't forget my other fav in the neighbourhood is having an event Mar 31st)

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