Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Vietnamese style coffee

Train (Xe Lua) Vietnamese Restaurant
Address: 254 Spadina Avenue

Neighbourhood: Chinatown
website, @twitter, Tel: (416) 703-8330

Authentic Vietnamese style coffee consists of this coffee filter/brewer, and coffee with chicory.
Decided it was about time I have some with my pho/bun outings, usually it's too late to have coffee, not productive to be up ALL night.

There are quite a number of places that I have been found frequenting, and each has it's own specialty. Few make everything amazing; this is one of those places.
Using proper flavourful broth, and fresh noodles (thin ones), the delicious melding of aromas waft through your nose as you embark on your meal.....
Machine: Vietnamese Coffee Filter
Grinder: Pre-ground
Beans: From a can
Composition: coffee with chicory
Roasters: N/A
Located: N/A
Step 1: Condense milk in bottom of cup
Step 2: Steep/gravity filter through contraption
Step 3: Allow for the coffee to drip
Step 4: Stir and enjoy over Ice.
Verdict: Milky smooth, with some hints of wooden fire-place, as embers flicker in the air. Finishing off with this anise taste to coat your tongue. Smooth sailing

Here lies one of the best Vietnamese  style coffee I've had in the city.  

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