Tuesday, September 6, 2011

NY: Gorilla Coffee

Gorilla Coffee
Address: 97 5th Avenue
Neighbourhood: Park Slope
Borough: Brooklyn
website, @gorillacoffee,

Getting back into the Brooklyn scene meant that travel over to Park Slope and head up some vintage shops. Along the way we stopped off at the famous Gorilla Coffee were - at one point in time, the entire staff walked out - Even with this shocking news, the buzz of this cafe did not seem to stop.

The Basics: 
Machine: Synesso 3 Group
Grinder: Mazzer Robur 
Beans: Espresso Blend
Composition: Guarded secret

Verdict: Smells like Centrals, and some Africans. More roasted cocoa, then buttery smooth. 

Atmosphere: Very busy, and the bar is kept in overdrive. It's actually insane the amount of volume comes through the door.
They also have a brew bar/Chemex to your delight.

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