Thursday, July 18, 2013

Results; CCBC 2013

Canadian Barista Competition Cycle begins:

The 2013 competition cycle is in full swing with the Central Region Barista Competition concluding over a two-day affair at Hart House in Toronto.

A list of 18 competitors competed to dethrone Detours Geoff Woodley, and boy was the competition stiff. With many familiar competitors and a slew of new faces, it would be difficult to predict who'd take the crown.

The results are in;
1. Momiji Kishi from Detour Coffee (formerly Dark Horse) - 632
2. Georgina Henry, Dark Horse - 575
3. Brett Johnston, Crafted Coffee (Te Aro) -567.50
4. Geoff Woodley, Detour Coffee - 542

Momiji pure elation on her face is priceless.

Congratulations all competitors and to the organizing committee.

 [photo courtsey of CCBC; (l-r: Geoff Woodley, Brett Johnston, Momiji Kishi, Georgia Henry)]

Catch Momiji performance here; starting at 5:15.
The sound is not super crisp, but you can make out a majority of her rountine.

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