Monday, June 24, 2013

NOW Magazine searches for Toronto's Best of....

Now Magazine, a free local magazine, is searching for the Best of.

Based on reader's vote, this year survey has expanded with new categories.

Here are some things to vote for:

Best Barrista  I wasn't aware that they are now called Barrista (I thought it was Barista)
(some known names, and fresh faces... Definitely missing a handful of my favourites)
I think it should read Matt Taylor of Manual Labour Coffee..... imho

Best Cappuccino  (heavy on the EAST side)

Best Coffeehouse (notable ones missing: SJCB, Manic, Capital, Fahrenheit, Crema)

Best Espresso (huh......)

Best Latte

Best Beans (coffee wise) --> I'm not too sure about the readers suggestions

I'll keep my opinions to myself, but I'm happy that the coffee scene is growing.

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