Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Featured coffee: Ethiopia

Featured Coffee

Spotted: From down-under
Origin: Djimmah, Ethiopia
Location: SW
Farm: Unknown
Process: (sun)Dry processed

Roasters: Workshop espresso
Located: Sydney, Australia
Price. A$16
Weight: 250g // 0.55 lbs

Method: Chemex with v3 Kone
Grinder:  Hario Silm hand grinder

Weight: 35g ~ 590 ml (16ml water: 1 g)
Pour: 45s bloom, 3:40 brew time
Brewed: 2 - 10oz.

Taste: Sweetness, pleasant acidity, and strong full body. Nice finish. Sweet Aromatic and floral off of the cup.

Buy again: If I could, I would

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