Sunday, September 9, 2012

CNBC 2012; Canadian National Barista Championship

The Coffee & Tea Show 

Beyond the exhibitors; at the back of Hall 1 at the International Centre out in Mississauga... is where 14 of the best barista (those that competited on the circuit) have gathered to fight for the title and prestige to represent Canada at the WBC 2013 in Melbourne.

After 8 hours straight of competition....

Top 6 - that have made the final tomorrow.
(in no particular order of their scoring)
Georgina Henry - Dark Horse (Detour Coffee)
Jeremy Ho - Phil & Sebastian Coffee
Ben Put - Phil & Sebastian Coffee
Cole Torode - Cafe Rosso
Randy Hogg - Bridgehead
Sameer Mohammed - Farenheit Coffee (Te Aro)

Quick note:  several top 4 regional finishers decided not to participate in the National Barista Championship; most notably some on the West coast 49th, and Transcend (no repeat roastery winner)

Should be a great finals tomorrow; starting at 12PM.
Winners announced shortly after

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  1. Of note is of course that Phil, Cole and Jeremy are all representing Calgary. Caffe Rosso actually used Phil & Sebastian beans but according to Rosso's twitter, Cole's competition espresso is roasted by Has Bean from the UK. They're pulling it in their Victoria Park cafe, one of three in Calgary.