Thursday, October 6, 2011

TL: Coffee Prices (A reflection of the market)

Toronto Life just published an article referring to the second most traded commodity on the market (Coffee).

Arabica and Robusta are both players effecting the end result of customer prices.

Have we noticed the increase in prices ?
Yes, but mainly in bags of beans.
At the til, do we mind paying that $0.25 extra for your brew? $1 for the cost of the "C"...

Take a minute and ponder that ....

now, remember the article by Coffeegeek, Mark Prince about hidden costs that indie shops place into their coffee prices, could we be benefiting if they didn't go to Origin?

Tough questions, as the market moves, will we see coffee prices?
Many factors - but ultimately, how do we balance the satisfaction of caffeine, experience of a shop and linking that into the acceptance of these new prices.

Money talks - but at what price? (more discussion soon)

enjoying some time off (Thanksgiving Day/Columbus day)

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