Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Intro to Coffee Cupping

On Tuesday afternoon, just after the lovely Rain session, my attendence at Ten Thousand Villages on the Danforth was well rewarded with an intimate 1.5 hour session on Coffee Cupping, the ethos of Level Ground and the Direct Fair Trade.

Josh Del Sol - Roastmaster and Quality Control Specialist

During the session, Josh was able to show how to prepare ground coffee at home, and asked us to compare the Tanzanian and the Peruivan blends. He Prepared the coffee using a FRENCH PRESS from BODUM. and Talked about the many factors that are included in the process of coffee making.
Now the session included 3 other older ladies, volunteers and staff but the audience was intent on listening to the process of the Plant -> Flower -> Cherry Fruit -> Bean -> Wash n Dry -> selection -> Roasting.

All in all, he gave a FACE to the farmers in Colombia and informed us of how the Co-Ops work and where Level Ground steps in the buy the containers from the co-ops and pays them fair prices, usually at a premium over the market value (which can sometimes be below the commodity price). Just goes to show you why some beans can still cost less <$15 but be ethical, and when some are $18-22 and may not be justified.

That is why we should question how the Beans are actually made, how they are acquired and whether I am supporting a Broker or the farmers directly.

Wish I had more photos that were part of Josh' slideshow showing the stories behind the farm land, farmers and the general facilities that they use to process the coffee bean. All of the location were so clean, that you would be shocked if you weren't expecting top notch cleaniness. Great job farmers of Colombia.

Direct Fair Trade Espresso

Roast: Medium-Dark
Origin: Tanzania/Bolivia/Peru
Blind Assessment: Dark chocolate and aromatic wood with a hint of brightness in the aroma. In the small cup light-bodied but delicately plush in mouthfeel, pungently sweet, with continued hints of aromatic wood, dark chocolate, and a complex but muted fruit. The chocolate in particular carries into a rich, rather dry finish. Flavor maintains nicely in three parts hot milk, the chocolate rounding and softening predictably while the aromatic wood notes retain some crisp authority.

CS verdict: VERY Chocolatey, with a smooth balance. Pulled correctly and rich Crema is formed.

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